2007 Kawasaki Jet Ski® STX®-12F

Jet Ski® STX®-12F

Impressive performance and versatility. What traits should a personal watercraft possess? We all know it should have plenty of power, look great, and have useful features to make it noteworthy. The Kawasaki JET SKI® STX®-12F watercraft has all that, with a few extras to keep it riding higher than the competition. It all starts with the engine. The STX-12F powerplant was adapted from Kawasaki’s leading-edge Ninja® motorcycle line. The dual overhead camshaft 1,199 cc water-cooled engine makes plenty of power for optimum performance, and even boasts of low emissions and quiet operation. The STX-12F meets the strictest existing emission standards for both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). In fact, the STX-12F received CARB’s ultra-low “three-star” rating in 2003, five years before it was required to by law. The STX-12F also features four valves per cylinder, fuel injection and an electronic engine control unit (ECU) that coordinates the ignition system and fuel injection to provide maximum performance and reliability. The fuel injection system itself utilizes a single 54 mm throttle body and individual injectors at each chrome composite-plated aluminum cylinder to provide fuel for the high-performance engine, resulting in smooth power delivery and instant starting in any kind of weather. The STX-12F is designed to be quiet, reliable and environmentally friendly. While highly tuned, the engine’s exhaust system is water-jacketed to help reduce underhood temperatures and keep it running as quietly as possible. The large-capacity airbox is specially designed to both boost power and reduce intake noise levels. To reduce vibration, the engine is rubber-mounted.