Electric Powered Pontoons

Highly efficient and powerful – Torqeedo presents the most powerful 24 V outboard on the market.

Torqeedo -- Cruise 2.0 and 4.0 models

Cruise Electric Motor

The ultimate outboard for boaters on green lakes and sailors who prefer electric propulsion: Torqeedo Cruise models are a class of their own when it comes to power and efficiency. Efficiency is especially important for electric outboards as batteries supply only a limited amount of power. Due to their unique level of efficiency, Torqeedo Cruise models deliver up to twice the range from the same battery supply.

But also the power of these emission-free motors is impressive: The Cruise 4.0 model delivers the thrust of a 10 hp gas outboard. It can move sailing boats up to 6 tons with a speed of 6 knots. A well stocked 24’ pontoon boat with 7 people aboard will be moved at 6 mph.

In a display integrated in the remote throttle, the Cruise R models provide accurate information on battery charge, speed over ground, power consumption and most importantly: remaining range based on the current speed. The speed and range data are calculated using an integrated GPS-receiver.

Power: (Cruise 4.0 R) Input power 4,000 W, output power 2,040 W (comparable to 8-10 HP gas outboard) Static thrust: 214 lbs Battery: not included, capacity of >120 Ah @ 48 V required Propeller: 12”x10” Steering: prepared for connection with standard remote steering system, remote throttle Gearing: F-R continuously variable Weight: 40 lbs.